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I used to be a straight A student

Now I’m not even straight

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Random generations

A series of small experiments to generate random new ideas that could inform my final piece.

  1. BOOK: Go to a charity shop or library. WITHOUT reading or noticing what the titles or authors are, (close your eyes if necessary or at least half shut them) go to the FICTION area and pull a book randomly from the shelves. Turn to page 27. Put your finger on the right hand page and read the first sentence that your eye falls upon. Repeat or remember or write down this sentence.
  2. DICTIONARY: Get a large dictionary. Throw dice or use a random number generator  ( to get a page number, line number or use a pin to choose a word on the page you have generated. Write this word down.
  3. Thesaurus: Look up in a thesaurus each of the words in your Strategy. Create a grid of the possible alternatives.
For instance I looked up “Change specifics to ambiguities” and  got 
“Metamorphose the distinguishing features to a blur”
  4. Poetry book :Using similar methods to 1 and 2 above, choose one line at random from an anthology of poetry.       “


"Are you a married man Mr Wilson?"

"I look at them, and the only thought which comes to me is a feeling of their isolation and the impunity with which crime may be committed there."

"A criminal strain ran in his blood which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers."











These words, when mixed with my phrase, could create some very creative things, some don’t fit so well for what I plan to draw. Taking my own illustrative aims and morals into account I want my piece to have a meaning and a moral or a shock value. 

Kali Ciesemier inspires me with her use of colour and shape and minimal use of line. Her colours always mesh together pefectly to create an overall attractive hue to the entire image. She creates narative in an image very easily.



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Also by the way I greatly dislike horses and the decision to tame and ride them was possibly one of the silliest decisions in the history of humans.

Note to self: do not forget to take medication 3 days in a row or you will regret it my god what a doofus.

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It’s that time again! It’s what time, you ask? Why, it’s time for my IRL friends to look at me in horror and exclaim, “R.C., you spent a ridiculous amount of your own money on sex paraphernalia and you’re not even keeping any of it?! You’re crazy!” 

I am. 

I am crazy. 


It’s October, which means it’s Orgasm Awareness Month (idk I made that up last year and I’m sticking to it), which means…

Wait for it.

… It’s time for the second annual TMI Tuesday Sex Toy Giveaway! 

Last year, I gave away about in sex paraphernalia and this year I’ve upped the ante. I’m very excited about this year’s haul. Are you ready for this jelly? Okay, here we go.

1 Grand Prize winner will receive:

- 1 Le Reve Femme Vibe (R.C.’s personal favorite)
- 1 Thunderbird Dual Action Vibrator
- 1 Doc Johnson Sliders Anal Vibrator
- 1 Pipedream Beginner’s Penetrix Strap-On with Dildo
- 1 Mini-Miracle Wand (like the Hitachi wand, only smaller)
- 1 Tenga Egg (penis masturbator)
- 1 set of Ben Wa Balls
- 1 bottle of spray anti-bacterial toy cleanser
- 1 bottle of Vlube water-based, glycerin-free, ultra-sensitive lubricant
- 1 25-pack of Crown Skinless Skin Condoms (voted #1 Best Condom by 12 years in a row!)
- 1 12-pack of Glyde Sheer dams in assorted flavors
- 1 storage box
- 1 4-pack of AA batteries
- 1 4-pack of AAA batteries
- 1 gift card

2 Runners-up will receive:

- 1 Sexology Bullet (each)


All you have to do is reblog this ONCE. You can like this post all you want, but likes will not be counted. Reblogging more than once will nothelp your chances—let’s keep this fair. No need to follow me, either (unless you want to!). This is pure charity. The best kind of charity. The orgasm charity. 

YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE. I will not have angry parents suing me or coming after me in the night.

The contest will close on November 12th. Got that? Five weeks from today (Oct 8) I will choose a winner at random (by compiling everyone’s Tumblr handle, assigning each one a number, and using a random number generator) and send their care package of awesome just in time for the holidays! 

I will ship anywhere. Europe, Asia, Gallifrey — wherever. This is not limited to US/North America.

Please share this with all your followers and friends! Get ‘em in on the fun. 


- Over of toys, lube, cleanser, condoms/dams, and an gift card for one lucky winner
- 1 Sexology Bullet to two runners-up
- Contest ends November 15th, 2013
- Must be 18+ 
- Only one reblog is counted
- All winners will be chosen at random

That pretty much covers it. So, get to reblogging and signal boosting, and I’ll see you all in a month’s time with our winners.


(Any questions regarding this giveaway can be directed here. Please note: Not everything that is included in the grand prize is shown in the above image.)